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About us

The company was founded in 1924 almost a century ago by Wilhelm Kretzer. Since the beginning, the company has been a family-run business, and today W. Kretzer KG is run by the founder's great grand daughter, Barbara Austrup-Kretzer and her husband, Markus Austrup. Barbara and Markus both hold business degrees.


In the early years of its existence, the company produced a limited range of manicure and pedicure products. As the business grew, the Kretzer family decided to extend the company's product range to include a variety of scissors, clippers, tweezers and other manicure products. Today, the company prduces an extensive range of manicure and pedicure products available globally.


In 2011, W. Kretzer KG branched out further and launched a hair scissors product line (wks brand) for professionals.


The Kretzer family continuously strives to improve the company's products to guarantee the highest standards of quality and design. Every single product undergoes a highly sophisticated and efficient manufacturing process, which allows the company to offer its quality products for very competitive prices. Flexibility as a priority, we are perfectly positioned to tailor our products to the requests of each invidual customer.


As a family business, everything is still done in-house, including sales and customer service. As a consequence, we can respond quickly to requests regarding prices, lead times and quantities.


Apart from offering outstanding levels of customer service, it is our goal to manufacture superior products, always exceeding clients' expectations. This is further supported by the organisations's total quality management (TQM) processes, which has been implementing across all production lines. Each employee is committed to produce first-class products, in line with the "Made in Solingen" brand.

Our Philosophy

It is the company's philosophy to manufacture all products to the highest quality standards. We maintain strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process, and strive to deliver high customer satisfaction with everything we do. .


We look forward to receiving your enquiry, and promise quick turnaround times throughout.

History - the history of W. Kretzer GmbH & Co. KG

1924 | Scissors grinder Wilhelm Kretzer takes the step to self employment in a small cottage on Katternberg in Solingen. He accepts orders to make all types of scissors.


1943 | His son Willy Kretzer takes over the business with his wife Leni in World War II. They expand the business to manufacture all types of pedicure and manicure products, in particular tweezers.


1968 | Wolfgang Kretzer, the grandson of the company founder, takes over the company. He continues to focuse on manufacturing tweezers and expands the company continuously. He buys in forge hammers and punching machines. The transition from commission work to vertical manufacture takes place. The export business increases and turnover rises continuously. In the mid 1980s, the company beginsmanufacturing files for corns. In the 1990s, Wolfgang Kretzer constructs fully automatic machinery for the manufacture of tweezers, which is a major mile stone for the business.


1998 | Following the sudden death of Wolfgang Kretzer, his daughter, Barbara at the age of 25, takes over the business, and is now the 4th generation running the in the family business. To this day, Barbara manages the business together with her husband Markus Austrup.


2004 | On the 80th anniversary of the company, a new headquarter is acquired  at Dingshauser Str. 19-21 in Solingen, and the company officially relocates in early 2004. The new space has over 650m² production floor and office space.

2011 | Continuously expanding,  W. Kretzer KG re-launches the production of professional hair scissors under the brand WKS Solingen.


2013 | Taking over the last file cutting company in Solingen. Continuation of the "3-Hieb" brand is secure and the production of high quality files continues.


2014 | 90th anniversary of the company.


2016 | Commissioning of a 360t press for the production of stainless raw material.


2017 | Expansion of the plastic injection molding technology.


2018 | Acquisition of a fully automatic packaging machine for blades.


2022 | New in our assortment: Articles of the company Dorko Stahlwarenfabrik Solingen


2023  | 25th anniversary of the owners Barbara Austrup-Kretzer and Markus Austrup

The Solingen Brand

The Solingen brand comprises a very long traditional history. The first documented fakes appeared as far back as the 19th century. Since that time, there have been constant efforts to protect the name and in Germany, the brand name has been protected by law since 1938. Today, the Solingen brand name is protected by general trademak legislation and a specific law called the 'Decree for the Protection of the Name Solingen' (Solingen Decree).

If you have queries relating to protection of the name Solingen, please contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wuppertal-Solingen-Remscheid.

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