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Tweezers – a large selection of colours, materials & design

Cosmetic tweezers

Manufacturing tweezers is our core business, and we offer almost 100 different product styles. To cater for individual requests, we constantly develop new unique designs for our customers. We are proud that our production facilities allows for a high degree of flexibility and efficiency in design and manufacturing alike.


Here you can see a few examples of our products:

Plastic tweezers

In 2006, we started the production of tweezers from plastic raw material. Especially in the medical field there are a lot of advantages in using plastic materials rather than the traditional carbon steel. This way, the tweezers can easily be sterilized and are more resistent to high tempartures and chemicals. The functionality and design can be adopted according to your unique requirements. Below are some of the models from our current product range.

Special models

Here you can see a few examples of our special models, e.g. automatic tweezers or tweezers with a plastic handle.

Stainless steel tweezers

Here is a small selection of our stainless steel product range.

Scissors & Nippers – for skin and nail care


Industry professionals from all over the world prefer high quality nail and skin scissors from W. Kretzer. Our scissors have an extremely long life span - so long that it is practically bad for our business. We produce scissors in matt or high shine - silver, gold or even rainbow coloured. We offer the right product to meet your individual needs.


Nail and skin nippers from W. Kretzer KG are very popular with the industry professionals because of the Solingen quality. To meet your personal preferences, all the nippers are having different designs.

Manicure – beautiful hands need an expert

Files & manicureinstruments

We offer a wide variety of manicure products such as files, emery boards, cuticle knifes, nail knifes and wooden pushers. All items can be packaged under the KRETZER brand or delivered loose for individual packaging.


We can offer you the original glasnailfile from Czech. After some problems with the patent, you can be sure that we sell the original in the best quality only.
We can offer the following sizes: 90x2mm, 140x2mm, 200x3mm

Foot- & nailclipper

We can offer our Foot- and Nailclipper in top quality also. If you wish, in gold coloured also. 

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Pedicure – for a professional foot care

Foot Rasps & Foots Files

We can offer our rasps and files in top quality. Please select form and colour.

Corn planes

Corn planes are our best selling products. They are widely used in beauty salons and at home. We offer three different lines from "STANDARD" to "MODERN" to "EXCLUSIVE", as well as refill blades packaged in different size boxes. Kretzer corn planes are not only ergonomically in design but also easy to use and to clean. Packaging for corn planes is also available. Alternatively, we offer full manicure and pedicure sets. 

Refill blades

We can offer you the corresponding refill blades suitable for our corn planes. Our standard packings are 10 blades in a small box and 100 blades in a display box. We can change the packing in colour, brands or names as you desire.

Pumice Sponges

Our pumice spongs leaves every ridge clean. Calluses and hard skin disappear.

You can choice from the following sizes: 10 x 5 x 2,5 cm and 8 x 5 x 2,5 cm and ERGONOM 12 x 5 x 2,5 cm

Our standard colours are blue, green, red and yellow!

You can get the pumice spongs lose or in display boxes. 

Manicure sets – supreme quality from Solingen

Manicure sets from Solingen

We are happy to supply you with Manicure sets in leather or modern textiles. The content consists of Solingen steel products and is very high quality. On request, we will send you a detailed offer according to your specifications with respect to shape, color and content.


Here you can check our special Manicure set catalogue.


Some samples: 

Knives – made in Solingen, wellknown worldwide


Here you can see a few examples of our knives which have been produced by a master craftsman in the highest quality. The blades are stainless steel and the handles are made of premium beech wood. Have a nice meal with our knives made in Solingen.