Excellent service

and highest quality

Service – is a top priority for us

W. Kretzer KG is known for its outstanding customer service. This is reflected in the large amount of repeat business we get from our customers, most of whom we have been doing business with for over 20 years.

All products are packaged according to your specifications. For example, if you decide to sell the Kretzer brand, we will deliver your order securely packaged in Kretzer POS cases. We also offer Kretzer POS packaging for tweezers. Selected products are placed on a display card ready to be sold in stores.

For customers who prefer to organise their own retail packaging, larger quantities are securely packaged in boxes and then shipped according to your specifications.

Different types of packaging

We print your own logo

For some products such as corn planes and rasps, we offer an individual logo printing service. We print your logo on the handle according to your specifications, e.g. colour, font, style and placement. Please ask us for a sample and a detailed quote. 


Have a look at the following detailed list of our printing processes.

Pad Printing

Printing pads are silicone stamps made of rubber gum that absorb an ink film from a printing cliché and release the ink back onto the corresponding promotional item. The print motif is etched into the cliché in a recessed manner or washed out. The advantage is that the pad can also print on round, curved and irregular surfaces due to its deformability. 


Actually blind printing, is mainly offered on plastic items or handles and is firmly and unalterably attached to the product. In our case, a replaceable steel workpiece is engraved with a customer logo in a recessed manner. During production, hot liquid plastic flows into these recesses. When cooled, the text or logo is raised and becomes legible on the respective surface, but in the same color as the plastic body itself.


Electrolytic color application on all metal surfaces. Only monochrome black possible. Scratch resistant, dishwasher safe.


For embossing we make a metal stamp of a logo or lettering. Here it is important to transform the logo into sharply outlined lines. Sometimes it is necessary to simplify or reduce the fonts.

Laser Engraving

Laser Engraving

With laser engraving, our articles are provided with an individual logo. The size and the arrangement of the laser engraving can be freely chosen. There are no limits with logos or fonts, because the laser can implement all wishes.

The generated laser engraving is not removable, because it becomes part of the article. Thus, the laser inscription is durable even in the harsh environment and for a long period of use. Laser engraving is created by directing a laser beam onto the workpiece through movable mirrors and lenses. Through this irradiation, an indentation is engraved into the workpiece.

This type of engraving, in combination with the hard stainless steel, makes it practically indestructible. The reasons for the increasing acceptance of laser marking systems are primarily based on the classic advantages of this technology:  
Durability of laser markings Flexibility of laser markings Force-free, material-friendly marking process No consumables required Fast, high-quality markings can be achieved.
In laser engraving, the laser radiation vaporizes or melts the base material without contact. This means that motifs can be applied with millimeter precision to a wide variety of materials such as metals, plastics and many other materials. Compared to other types of finishing, engraving is particularly durable and timeless. And the result always looks high-quality and nobel.